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Office/ Corporate Politics

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

According to the 2008 study by CPP Global, employees at all levels spend 2.8 hours a week dealing with unproductive conflict at work. That adds up to more than $350 billion a year in wasted wages. Unproductive conflict might be as simple as experiencing a perceived slight or misunderstanding a process or as complicated as locking horns in a client presentation. We waste company time and money either entrenched in these fights or avoiding a confrontation while things get worse.

Food for thought:

  • How much time do employees spend thinking about the team/ company office politics instead of focusing on the results and goals that need to be met and delivered?

  • How does team/ company office politics impact the quality of our personal lives and the ability for us to be mindful and present and able to fully enjoy the company of the ones who are the closest and dearest to us?

  • How would our quality of life, the effectiveness of our decision-making, and teams' productivity increase if people focused less on playing office politics or climbing hierarchies and gaining power and more on what they were hired to do?

  • The problem is that whether we want it or not, office politics are everywhere. I guess that each of us has been part of a team or are currently part of a team where there is at least a single or multiple layers of office politics going on, which is draining energy and productivity of the team and limiting business outcome (for most people - obviously not the skilled politicians who enjoy "stirring the office politics pot" and playing the political game to grow their career or to maintain their power).

  • Perhaps we need to realize that office politics are part of our daily lives whether we want it or not. It is a reality that all of us need to deal with. The big questions are: How do we minimize the political impact that could be detrimental to personal and career growth and possibly even career stability? How do we raise people who are great at their job but not skilled at office politics up? How do we teach people effective conflict resolution?

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