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Change, new beginnings, and comfort zone

I enjoy change. Change typically comes with an opportunity of a steep learning curve. I enjoy learning, as learning allows us to grow and evolve. I believe that life is not about what you accumulate but who you become and who you inspire along the way. One can learn a lot within a comfort zone, but by pushing yourself outside of it, I feel like there is a whole new world and experience you can uncover and learn about yourself.

It is almost like you go for a run in a park you have never been to, and there is a hill you keep running up, and you are so curious about what is behind the horizon that the curiosity carries you forward, and you stop paying attention about the pain of running up the hill you are feeling. You keep on running. The enthusiasm of what is possible and curiosity of what is behind the horizon carriers you forward, and you push your legs and lungs to the next level without even knowing it.

  • Have you ever been in a similar situation?

The people who know me perceive me as somewhat a risk-taker - someone who is not scared to step into a new challenge and do something new. That is quite true, but what they don't know is that this was not my inherent nature. I found value in learning, and I enjoy the thrill of starting something new, and so I started doing it, and with time, like with any other skill, it gets easier, and at some point, it becomes so easy that one gets natural at it and even becomes to enjoy it. Taking risks and stepping out of a comfort zone becomes something exhilarating as the newness of doing something new has a sense of freedom, growth, exploration, adventure, and possibilities. It is like driving a brand new car - stepping out of a comfort zone is like getting a brand new car with a brand new car smell. It is refreshing.

I want to invite you to reflect on:

  • Where is your comfort zone?

  • Are you living inside your comfort zone, outside of it, or at the edge of your comfort zone?

  • Is there an opportunity where you can step out of your comfort zone more?

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