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Reflections and Observations

Brief articles that provide food for thought and something to reflect on and ponder about. These are one to two-minute reads about my weekly reflections or observations.

Stories about dogs or humans?

A ten chapters story series inspired by my dog, Alli. Each chapter has a specific lesson that Alli has taught me, and the purpose is to contemplate what we, humans, can learn from dogs. How different/ similar are dogs and humans? If humans were more like dogs, would this world be a better or a worse place?

Tennis Principles for Life

Short stories that talk about things I have learned by playing tennis, which has been my biggest teacher, into my everyday life and professional careers.

My Faves

A collection of my favorite things, tips, and recommendations. You can find references to books, movies, quotes, products, and services I enjoy, have tested, and believe in.

Other Topics

My thoughts about various topics related to technology, leadership, and professional career.

Do you know what you eat?

This Guardian article is one of the best articles I have come across that showcases how broken the US food industry is. I have read...

Love it: Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep helps me improve my sleep and get better rest. If you are considering purchasing 8 Sleep, here is a $200 coupon. We got the...

Must Watch: That Sugar Film

First, I want to share a piece of my personal information with you as I find it fair for you to know so you can make your own judgment...

Must Watch: Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground is one of the best documentaries I have seen. I rate it as must watch for every human out there! What you will learn: How...


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