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Must Watch: Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground is one of the best documentaries I have seen. I rate it as must watch for every human out there!

What you will learn:

  1. How broken the US agriculture is

  2. The importance of building resilience and integrity in agriculture but it also made me think about how we integerate these two values in our life in general

  3. The importance of getting food that is nutrient-rich

  4. How to save our planet

  5. How to make the right decisions about your food, and be thoughtful about where your food comes from.

What is the one simple thing that each of us can do?

Buy good food to provide yourself with great nutrition that is grown via regenerative farming!

In our household, we only order food from regenerative farms.


  1. You cannot outperform your diet.

  2. You are what you eat.

  3. Your body and mind cannot perform well without good nutrition.

  4. Invest in good food, pay less in healthcare bills (proactive vs reactive).

  5. Eat good food to maximize your human potential.

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