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Must Watch: That Sugar Film

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

First, I want to share a piece of my personal information with you as I find it fair for you to know so you can make your own judgment about this documentary and my recommendation.

I have been on a paleo diet for about seven years and have done strict keto since the summer of 2020 (I cannot believe it has been almost a year). I want to be open with you about my diet, as diet is somewhat personal that each of you should explore and experiment with on your own. And not just experiment. Please do your research as YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

Despite being a fan of paleo and keto diets, I firmly believe that this documentary accurately showcases the awful food recommendation suggested by the U.S. Food Guide Pyramid and many other countries.

Simply put - Sugar is your enemy, and there is more to sugar than just sugar!

As a former athlete - a 6-foot tall female athlete with plenty of muscle and a strong body structure, I have done my fair share of trying different foods and diets. In short, I have tried almost every single diet at some point of my life that is out there, to name a few: a low-fat diet, vegetarian diet, diet based on your blood type, etc. My late teens and early twenties were quite challenging because I was always a somewhat big-sized female athlete. I didn't fit the description of the cute petite woman on a picture of a magazine. Luckily, life gets easier as you grow older, and through iteration, I have learned how to optimize my diet for the best performance. By performance, I mean both - physical and mental performance because although I still love working out, improving my physical ability, and pushing my body to the limits - physical ability is not what is paying my bills. Being fit makes me feel good about myself and provides my brain with an outlet to clear my mind and relax from daily work. What pays my bills is thinking clearly, concentrating, getting things done, and being in a well-balanced mood and composure throughout the day without hitting energy bumps.

I find that posts about food and diet are somewhat challenging to write about, so I let you watch this movie first. Then, feel free to write your comments or questions, and we can have a more specific discussion.

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