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What makes us who we are?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Is it our childhood that defines us? Our friends and experiences? Is it what you do, what you own, or who you associated yourself with? Is it our consciousness or the times when we performed at our best? Is it our failures, and how we bounce back from them? Is it the impact we make on our world and the society around us?

I remember sitting in a classroom of my university campus once when one of my mentors told me: "Life is not about how high you climb, but it is about how you balance your lows." That quote stuck with me as I have never been good at balancing my lows. I hated losing. I've never been a "good" loser. Losing well is one of the qualities that I admire about Roger Federer. To clarify, I admire many qualities about Roger, but I believe "losing well" is one of the qualities why people admire him so much.

Lesson #1: Be a good loser! Learn how to lose with elegance, humbleness, gratitude, and your head held high.

As I grow older, I find that losing well is very important.

  • Are you a good or bad loser?

  • What is your losing style?

Hint: being a good loser doesn't mean you have to like losing, but it is more connected to how you behave after you lose and how you bounce back and recover when things don't go your way.

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